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LLM Operations

Build with generative AI models in major clouds including AWS and Azure. Use Open Source models like LLaMA and Mistral, and scale operations with pipelines

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Rust Programming

Learn Rust and apply it to real-world cases like DevOps, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning. Use Rust's data structures, safety features, and build powerful command-line tools

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Machine Learning Operations

From Python fundamentals to core MLOps principles and data management, you will be equipped with skills in major cloud providers, pipelines, and deployment.

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Generative AI Fundamentals

Apply generative AI techniques like prompt engineering and use scalable pipelines and APIs to build with Large Language Models

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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Get a solid introduction to all major cloud providers including AWS, GCP, and Azure with this introductory program covering applications, patterns, and cloud-native technologies

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Data Engineering Foundations

Use Python, BASH, and SQL with modern tooling and frameworks like FastAPI, Pandas, Kubernetes for foundational data engineering patterns.

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Who are we?

Noah Gift is a renowned technology leader with over 30 years of experience, is a recognized expert on MLOps, data engineering, cloud architecture, and Rust programming. He combines his industry expertise with teaching roles at Duke University and other institutions, making complex topics understandable to thousands of students worldwide. An award-winning author of best-selling books on DevOps, MLOps, data engineering, and cloud computing, Gift is also an AWS ML Hero, Python Software Foundation Fellow, and sought-after keynote speaker at conferences focused on cloud development and ethical AI use.

Alfredo Deza is a former Olympic high jumper and world champion, combines his passion for continuous learning with his extensive technical expertise in his current role at Microsoft Developer Relations. With nearly 20 years of experience as a software engineer and educator, Alfredo has taught machine learning engineering and DevOps courses, written books on DevOps and Python for O'Reilly, and serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Duke University. His expertise spans Azure, cloud computing, MLOps, Python, Rust, Databricks, and CI/CD automation, which he shares through frequent guest lectures at prestigious universities worldwide.

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